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Getting Your Neighbors to Love Your New Fence

Neighbors: much like your family, you don’t get to choose them. Some become your friends for life, some become your nemesis and most of them smile and wave while you walk by. No matter what your neighbors are like, however, you can choose what kind of neighbor you are.

If you’re thinking about installing a fence, you might be worried about neighbor disputes. Neighbors who see contractors working in your yard might automatically assume that they have to deal with an unsightly fence or weeks of listening to hammers. They might also assume that you’re shutting them out.

Keep relations friendly by following this guide from Clendaniel Fence Company. You can still get a beautiful fence that protects your property while making your neighbors happy.

Stay Up to Code

Most townships and homeowners associations have regulations about the materials, safety and style of your fence. This FindLaw article explains that there are usually also height limits on fencing. Be a good neighbor and citizen by becoming familiar with laws about fencing in your area. If you’re having serious property issues, like pest invasion or highway noise, and need a higher fence than local regulations allow, you can apply for a variance.

Talk to Your Neighbor First

No matter the reason for building your fence, a little sweet talk never hurts. If you do want to build your fence to get privacy from prying eyes, we completely understand. Still, putting up a fence “no matter the reason” might send a signal that you’re trying to shut your neighbors out. To alleviate any hard feelings, bring over a baked good or a pot roast and let your neighbor know that you’d like to build a fence to boost your property value. Most neighbors will feel much better about your new fencing if you do them the courtesy of giving them an advance notice.

Choose a Reputable Fencing Company

Unattractive, unsafe or damaged fencing will not only be inconvenient to you, but it will hurt your neighborhood reputation. Choose a reliable, reputable fencing contractor like Clendaniel Fence Company. We use only the highest quality materials that are safe for your property. Neither you nor your neighbors endure weeks of construction noise or shoddy workmanship, because Clendaniel Fence Company takes pride in getting the job done quickly, thoroughly and professionally. We guarantee that we will build you a beautiful fence that becomes the pride of your property. Your neighbors might even decide to build their own fence once they see yours!

Keep Up Your End of the Deal

Once your fence is built, make sure you take care of it for your sake and your neighbors. Keep up with repairs so that you and your neighbors enjoy a great view. You might also want to choose a fence with decorative elements for added charm. Plus, your neighbors will appreciate a fence that has the same attractive appearance on their side as it does on your side.

Whatever your fencing need, Clendaniel Fence Company can build you a fence that both you and your neighbors will be delighted with. For more information, call us at 215-720-1104.

Fencing Concerns? Clendaniel Fence Can Help

There’s nothing more frustrating than being told that you can’t have something you’ve wanted for years. Take, for instance, a fence on your property. You might want a fence for privacy and security, a fence that adds visual appeal to your home or a fence that combines the two.

There might be several issues in the way of you getting the perfect fence. Perhaps you fear that your budget won’t cover it, or maybe you live on a property with difficult terrain. If other fence contractors told you that the job couldn’t be done, we’re here to show you that you’re wrong. Here are a few common fencing concerns and how Clendaniel Fence addresses them.


Tough Terrain

Not all properties are created equal. Some have soft layers of muddy soil, while others might as well be bedrock. If you’ve been told that the density of the ground on your property will prevent you from getting the right fence, you might find yourself literally cursing the ground you walk on.

However, Clendaniel Fence doesn’t let tough, rocky terrain or soft soil stand in our way. We have the right equipment to install fences on properties that won’t otherwise budge, and install the proper reinforcements so that your fence won’t sink or tilt on soft terrain.

If you live on an unusually-shaped property with steep slopes or hills, we can accommodate those highs and lows, as well.


Even when times aren’t tough, no one wants to spend more than they have to. If you’re a homeowner, you already have to deal with your monthly bills and daily expenses. Why should a fence add to the stress? Clendaniel Fence can help you find affordable fencing material that still exceeds your standards for attractiveness and durability.

Live on a large property? Lucky you! Has it prevented you from getting the fence that you want? We’re sorry to hear it. Give us a call and we’ll develop an uncompromising fencing plan that meets your needs without straining your budget.


You might want a customized aluminum fence to add a wrought-iron look to your home. Or, maybe you want a classic picket fence with a few unexpected touches like decorative cutouts or an unusual shape. At Clendaniel Fence, we love creative projects. Each fence we create is customized to your wishes, which means you won’t have to settle for cookie-cutter designs.


Maybe your property, budget or vision isn’t the problem. In this case, the only thing preventing you from installing your dream fence is the lack of reliable, trustworthy contractors in your area. You need a licensed, insured contractor with the right training and equipment to get the job done quickly and meet your expectations.

At Clendaniel Fence, we continually update our team with the latest fencing technology, techniques and equipment to give you the best fence possible. Plus, customers love us on Angie’s List and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Finally, we take your fence as seriously as you do, and never finish a job until we feel we’ve completed it to the best of our abilities.

For more help with these and other fencing concerns, visit the Clendaniel Fence website.