5 Questions to Ask Yourself for the Perfect Fence

Over the past thirty years, our customers have asked us many questions about fence installation, and we’ve always been more than happy to answer. Now, to help you understand what you need to build the perfect fence for your residence, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about fence installation. Read on to learn the answers from the experts at Clendaniel Fence Company.

Is it Safe, Secure, Private?

One advantage of fencing is that in addition to increasing visual appeal, it reinforces the security and privacy of your property. Depending on the kind of protection your home needs, you’ll have to select the appropriate design and materials. Here are some things to consider:

– Privacy: If you’re building your fence to feel like you’re in your own private Idaho, you need a fence that blocks visibility. Gapless wooden fences suit this purpose well. Your fence also has to be high enough. Clendaniel Fence Company can determine how high your fence needs to be to provide full coverage.
-Security: You may be building your fence to deter intruders or trespassers. If that’s the case, consider a high fence made of a strong material like chain link, aluminum or steel and make sure that the gate locks are also made of steel.
-Safety: Homeowners with small children or pets might install fencing for peace of mind about their little ones’ safety. When it comes to design, safety fences have a lot of flexibility, as long as they are high enough that pets or kids can’t climb them, jump over them or unlock them. Clendaniel Fence Company also recommends that you install gated entrances in case your family needs a safe exit.

Does It Add Visual Appeal?

It’s incredibly rewarding to install a fence that makes your home more beautiful. Whether you’re installing a fence solely for visual appeal or for other reasons, Clendaniel Fence Company will build you a sturdy, functional fence that also complements the rest of your home and displays your personal taste.

Our services include customizing gates, fence posts and decorative details. We are masters at installing classic white picket fences that add instant curbside appeal. If you’re building a fence that needs to serve a function, we can blend it into your property with custom decoration. For example, if you need a solid wooden fence for privacy, we can soften the imposing effect with decorative cutouts.

If you live in an area where fence designs fall under homeowners’ association rules and regulations, we can work with you to build you a fence that meets both HOA standards and your specifications.

How Much Maintenance Can I Manage?

Before you install your fence, consider how much maintenance you’d like to commit to. If you’re a power washing and staining fanatic, you’ll do well with a wooden fence, as they require regular upkeep. A well-maintained wooden fence looks stunning for years after its installation.

If you don’t have the time or inclination towards regular fence maintenance, Clendaniel Fence Company will help you select a less demanding material that still looks great and stays strong.

Consider coming to a happy medium by installing a combination of wooden fencing in the front and chain link in the back. Whatever the combination, Clendaniel Fence Company can do it!

What’s My Budget?

You should consider fencing an investment like any home improvement project. Spend enough to get the results you want, but don’t go beyond your means. Let Clendaniel Fence Company know about your budget limits and expectations. We can help you plan an installation design that revives your property without harming your wallet.

Where Can I Find a Licensed, Insured Contractor?

Some home improvement projects are simple enough that an intrepid homeowner can DIY without a hitch. But when it comes to fencing, it’s better to leave it to a professional that you trust.

Clendaniel Fencing Company is fully licensed and insured, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have been in business for over thirty years because customers consistently love our work, trust our team and recommend us to friends. Still not convinced? Check out our customer reviews on Facebook and Angie’s List. Let us build you a fence that you’ll love for a lifetime!