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Ways You Could Benefit from a New Fence

Part of the joy of owning a home becomes, over time, tailoring your home to fit your exact dreams and specifications. Adding landscaping features takes a house from being simply a place to live, to an oasis for your friends and family to enjoy spending time together. There’s no better way (in our admittedly biased opinion) to add value and interest to your front or backyard than a beautiful, quality, perfectly-installed fence! In case you need more persuading, we’ve listed a few of the reasons we think every homeowner should invest in a fence. As the fence company Bucks County has trusted for decades, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out a good reason everyone needs a fence on their property!

Pool Safety and Privacy

If you’ve recently installed a pool in your backyard, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that most counties require a fence of a certain height around your backyard, mostly to prevent accidental injury from children wandering into your space. However, there’s great reasons to install a fence around your pool anyway; a fence can provide excellent sense of privacy (even if you don’t have a pool) and can provide shade for plants, too. We happen to think a fence bordered by some fragrant, flowering bushes is a great look for any home.

Define your Space

Good fences do indeed make good neighbors, in part because fences help define, once and for all, whose space is whose. Aligning your fence to your property’s blueprints will prevent any issues of overgrowth, lawn mowing, animal or child intrusion, or other typical neighborly issues. Even if you are on very friendly terms with your neighbor, a fence can help keep those feelings alive! Defining a space can also make it look tidier, organized and more pleasing to the eye than a sprawling, borderless backyard.

Prevent Intruders (of both human and non-human kinds!)

A fence serves as an excellent theft deterrent; a high, solid fence can be nearly impossible to climb, and the noise involved will dissuade a potential thief from choosing your household as victims of a robbery or home invasion. Less frighteningly, deer, rabbits, gophers and domesticated animals can be kept out of your backyard with the right kinds of fences, which prevents your gardens and landscaping from being ruined by these diggers and herbivores.

Added value and beauty

Fences add beauty to your home while you’re still in it, but it’s worth considering the potential value a fence can have when selling your home to a new owner. Not only does a fence visually tidy up a home, making it appear better-tended-to and more affluent, but the literal value of not needing to install a fence after their purchase can help persuade a potential buyer that yours is the home for them.

If we’ve persuaded you that getting a fence is the right choice for your home’s property, give us a call! Our experts are happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding selecting or installing the right fence for you.