What Fence Style do You Need? How to Choose the Best Fence Style for Your Needs

A fence can add beauty, personality and even a specific desired look to a home. The first question you should ask yourself when choosing a fence, though, is what purpose do you most need your fence to serve? After this important factor is determined, you can start to look into your options to fulfill this need, and narrow it down by personal aesthetic preferences. Take a look at our different categories to match up your needs with just some of the choices we offer at Clendaniel Fence.

If you’re looking to fence a yard with a beautiful pool, patio or other area designated for recreation or entertainment, chances are you’d like both privacy and an attractive enclosure. Not only do fences allow you to have company without worrying about the outside looking in, but if you have a pool, fences of certain heights are actually required by law in many places. Fences that lend privacy to a space should be high with little or no spacing between the posts; depending on your personal preference, we have fences available in a variety of colors, textures and materials to suit all of your needs.

Everybody has an image of their ideal home, whether it’s a quaint villa with a white picket fence, a cabin with a more rustic, wooden enclosure or even a manor with an ironwork gate. Whatever your taste, the perfect fence will provide the finishing touch to the aesthetic you’re looking to give your home and property. You can visit our photo gallery to see some of the many choices you have to give your home the fence that best suits your needs and desired appearance, or call us for advice on choosing a style.

If you’re a gardener, chances are you know all too well the trials and tribulations of rabbits, deer and other local pests nibbling on your sprouts and flowers. Garden enclosures can take many forms, but to keep out small and large animals alike, a high fence with no space between posts will help keep your rhododendrons and carrots undisturbed. Clendaniel Fence can help you figure out the best way to fence a garden that also suits your home and property.

Animal Enclosure
Different animals call for different fences, and Clendaniel Fence can help you decide on the most effective way to keep your animals in, and predators out. A fence used to enclose livestock or household pets should be durable, of an appropriate height and able to stand up to potential pet damage. Steel link fences are an excellent option to enclose backyard spaces and ensure that your dogs remain safely where you want them; it is also durable, which is important to consider as pets can certainly inflict wear and tear on a property.

Visit our gallery to see the many options available to you from Clendaniel Fence Company in PA, or give us a call at 215-720-1140 for a FREE estimate on your fencing needs.